Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

Get Schwinn IC4 At Amazon Now!

Get Schwinn IC4 At Amazon Now!

5 Reasons To Choose The Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike...

  • #1 Price: This bike is normally around $1200 which can seem expensive for a bike that you still have to provide a screen (ex. tablet or smartphone). But luckily when I wrote this, the bike was on sale for under $800. So you could save over 30% if you catch the deal. See if the bike is still on sale now at Amazon!
  • #2 Design: This bike is sleek and sturdy, built with a solid steel frame. Also, the color scheme looks good with black, red, and white. The colors alone make you want to hop on and ride!
  • #3 Adjustable: You can find the right fit for you with the front and rear adjustments. Adjust the rear seat forward and back. Adjust the handlebar forward or backwards as needed.
  • #4 Peloton Alternative: You don't need to purchase an expensive Peloton bike. If you have your own display (ex. tablet, TV, Apple TV, etc), you can quickly turn this into a Peloton alternative. You can use the app of your choice from Peloton, Zwift, Apple Fitness, etc as long as you download the app and purchase the subscription. Find the right combination for you!
  • #5 Easy Delivery: With Amazon, you can have your bike delivered to your door. If you have Key by Amazon, you could have it delivered to your garage (if available in your area). It will feel like a present when you open your garage to see your new bike waiting for you!

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